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Guesty automated messages

Checking automated messages for reservations

How to check that guests are receiving automated messages with important check in information


  • Once you’re logged into your Guesty account, select the ‘Multi Calendar’ option along the top of the screen.
  • Here we can see a schedule of all the reservations. It’ll always line up along the side under that day’s date. You can click on the reservation itself and this sidebar will pop up on the right containing all of the reservation information. 
  • Now you’ll go down to the speech bubble with the little clock on it to check on the automations. These messages are scheduled to be sent at certain points leading up to, during, and after their stay. When a guest first books one of our properties, they receive a confirmation message, and an hour or so later they should receive check in instructions. This is where we check to make sure these messages are functioning properly. If the screen shows no messages in ‘Scheduled’ or ‘History’ you’ll need to click the switch to turn those messages on.
    • Having access to all communications, you’ll probably be aware of this kind of issue before the day of check in, but it’s always good to go back and double check ourselves in case something slipped through the cracks!
  • Once you’ve made sure automations are turned on and have been sent, you’ll want to make sure all the variables in the messages have been sent properly. To do that, you’ll go up to ‘Inbox’ along the top of the screen. This will direct you to all of the messages between us and the guests.
  • Now you’ll type the name of the guest whose messages you wish to see in the search box at the top left of the screen. Scroll through the messages until you find the check in instructions. The biggest thing we’ve had issues with in the past is access codes not being generated and sent to guests. So you’ll want to make sure that field hasn’t been left blank for reservations at those suites.
    • This issue is specific to the suites located at our Kalorama property (Bohemian, Bons Amis, Shenandoah, Serendipity, and Urban Cowboy) as they are the only ones currently connected to the Lynx integration that generates new passcodes specific to each guest. 
  • If everything looks good and the guest has all of the information they need to check in that day, you can go back to the Multi Calendar and move onto the next check in for that day on the schedule and follow the previous steps to make sure all of the automations and integrations are functioning properly.
  • If the access code does appear to be missing, you’ll need to send the guest a message giving them a code to enter their suite. Look along the right at the reservation information. When you scroll down, under the calendar there is a spot that reads ‘Keycode’ which should have a four digit number located below it. This is the number you will share with the guest. If there is no number there, 5153 is the code you will give them to access their suite. Make sure the message you send is friendly and inviting.
    • Example: “Hi [guest’s name]. This is a reminder of your check in at [suite name] today! You can use the code 5153 to access your suite. Let us know if you need anything else, and we’ll see you soon!”
  • Please notify me if there are any issues with message automations or variables so we can begin to troubleshoot the issue! 
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