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Communicating with guests in Guesty

Locating chats in guest inbox and messaging guests

How to view and respond to messages in Guesty inbox


  • Once you’re logged into your Guesty account, select ‘Inbox’ at the top left of the screen and you will be sent to the guest inbox. Here you can view all messages between us and the guests.
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see guest chats organized starting with the most recent guest that we communicated with. If you need to, you can click the magnifying glass icon above to search for a specific guest.
  • Click in the text box at the bottom of the chat with the guest you wish to communicate with, and start typing your message. Click the ‘Send’ button to the bottom right in order to send your message to the guest.
  • There are also ‘Saved Replies’ you can access to answer some FAQs. This list is small at the moment, but we can continue to add to these as we go in order to keep response times down and quickly provide the proper information each guest needs!
    • I will be providing a list with answers to FAQs that you will be able to access and reference as you communicate with guests.
  • Make sure to respond quickly, with the correct information, and to be friendly and personal 🙂
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