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FAQs and Answers Guide for Guest Communications

        Property Addresses: 
        * 208 Kalorama St. Staunton, VA 24401 Kalorama
        – Bons Amis (in front door, upstairs to the right)

  • Shenandoah (in the front door, upstairs to the left)
    Bohemian (in front door directly to the right)
    Serendipity (in front door directly to the left)
    Urban Cowboy (down the driveway around the back of the building, to the left of the laundry door)

    * 629A Gypsy Ave. Staunton, VA 24401 Gypsy Haven (in the front door directly to the left)
    * 627A Gypsy Ave. Staunton, VA 24401 Pop Inn (door to the right)
    * 627B Gypsy Ave. Staunton, VA 24401 The Nest (door to the left, upstairs)
    * 215 E Beverley St. Staunton, VA 24401 Overlook (door to the left, upstairs)
    * 216 Trinity Point Rd, Swoope, VA 24479 Pool House

    Check in/out Times for Properties
    * Kalorama – Check In 3pm, Check Out 10am
    * Gypsy (Nest, Haven, and Pop Inn) – Check In 4pm, Check Out 11am
    * Overlook and the Pool House – Check In 3pm, Check Out 11am

    Reusable Access Codes for each Property:
    Kalorama – 5153 (master code that will work on all suites, front door, and laundry room)

    * Urban Cowboy – 8728
    * Bons Amis – 1166
    * Shenandoah – 6260
    * Bohemian – 8941
    * Serendipity – 1872

    * The Nest – 2696 (There is a porch and two separate doors to get into Pop Inn and The Nest, The front door is the door directly into the suite)
    * Haven – 6076
    * Pop Inn – 9303
    * Overlook – 2081 or 5496
    * Pool House – 1630 (Sauna – 7470)

    If Keycodes Appear not to be Working:
    If the guest is having trouble getting into the front door, make sure they know they need to twist/turn the deadbolt (clockwise to unlock and counter clockwise to lock) after they have put in the code. This will let them in the rest of the way from there. TIP: Give the door an extra push to enter
    (This is true for all properties, except Overlook)

    At Overlook, they must put in the code and press the red button at the bottom, then wait for the unlocking sound to finish, and they should be able to open the door.

    If the guest is having trouble entering their
    suite, first make sure that they are hitting the check mark at the bottom left side after they enter the code. If it still doesn’t work, you may give them the reusable access code FOR THAT SUITE ONLY. These codes are listed above.
    TIP: If your unit seems to have trouble unlocking, try pulling the door towards you slightly while activating the lock.

    Making sure the door is locked:
    * Kalorama (You just need to type in the code and hit the check mark to lock the suite and type in the code and turn the deadbolt to lock the front door)
    * The Nest, Haven and Pop Inn (You just need to put in the code and turn the deadbolt to lock the front door)
    * Overlook (You just need to put in the code and hit the red “a” to lock the door)

    What to do with the sheets upon check out date:
    * Kalorama and Overlook (If you wish to strip the sheets and set all of the laundry to the side gathered together, that would be helpful, but is not required)
    * The Nest, Haven and Pop Inn (If you wish to strip the sheets and stick all of the laundry in the laundry room for the cleaner, that would be helpful, but is not required)

    Check in/out Policy and Process:
    Guests will receive check in/out times in an automated message an hour after they book. If a guest wishes to check in early or check out late, they need to ask first. If an early check in request is made before the day of check in, send a message saying that as long as the suite is ready, we would be happy to let them check in early, and will let them know the day of check in if that is possible. On the day of check in, if no one checked out of the suite that day (you can use the multi calendar on Guesty to check this), you may let the guest know that they are welcome to check in anytime. If there is a checkout that morning, first message the guest saying that the suite needs to be cleaned, and we will let them know if it is ready before check in time. Then you will inform Tori that the guest checking in would like to do so early, and she will communicate with the cleaner to let her know when they are done, so we can let the guest know if the suite is ready before check in time. At Kalorama (Bons Amis, Shenandoah, Bohemian, Serendipity, and Urban Cowboy), their access code will not work before check in at 3pm, so you will give them the code 5153 to enter their suite, if they do happen to check in early (at Overlook, the code you will give them is 2081). If a guest requests a late check out, let Tori know so she can check with the cleaner and make sure that works with their schedule for the day. If we can make it work, tell the guest that we would be happy to have them stay until the requested time. If we cannot, tell the guest that we would love to have them stay longer, but unfortunately it is a busy cleaning day and the cleaner will need to get in and start cleaning before the time they requested to check out.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy:
    As of right now, guests receive a full refund if they cancel more than 48 hours before check in and a half refund if they cancel more than 24 hours before check in. Once it is only 24 hours before check in, all payments are final. (This may be changing soon and will be updated accordingly). Sometimes, the guest will just go ahead and cancel their reservation on their own. If they send a cancellation request, check with them if they would like to alter the reservation first. If so, you will manually change the dates of their reservation and let them know you have done so. If they do not wish to do so, you will inform them they must cancel the reservation on their end, if the reservation was booked on an outside booking channel such as Airbnb or Vrbo. (If we manually booked the reservation or they booked on our website, we will go into edit reservation information on Guesty and change the status from ‘confirmed’ to ‘canceled.’)

    Extra Bed Linens, Pillows, and Blankets Location:
    * All Kalorama suites, besides Serendipity – bedroom closet
    * Serendipity – living room closet
    * Overlook – closet in the entryway
    * Pop Inn and The Nest – closet in the hall
    * Gypsy Haven – second bedroom closet
    * Pool House – linens in closet and pillows and blankets in cupboard in the corner of the living area

    All beds are made with clean linens and each suite has an extra set of linens for the pull out sofa during their stay.

    Parking Instructions:
    All Kalorama suites and Overlook are provided with one parking pass the guest must put in their car to park on the street. These properties also both have a parking lot around back, but the parking lot at Kalorama is limited and is first come, first served. Street parking is available at Gypsy properties without the need for a parking pass. Pop Inn and The Nest have a small driveway, but this is also first come, first served and guests are asked not to block the driveway if they are parking on the street. At the Pool House, there is plenty of parking space in the driveway for guests to use.

    List of Amenities We Provide that Guests Frequently Inquire About:

    * Coffee maker, coffee, creamer, sugar, and tea
    * Toaster
    * Blender
    * Pots and pans
    * Office space with a computer in Urban Cowboy, Overlook, The Nest, and Haven
    * Private outdoor seating at Shenandoah, Serendipity, Urban Cowboy, Overlook, Haven, and the Pool House (a grill is also available for guest use at Haven and the Pool House)
    * Iron and ironing board (located in the closet in the suites at kalorama and in the laundry room at the Pool House and Gypsy properties)
    * Washer and dryer (everywhere but Overlook)
    *Plates, bowls, cups, silverware, cutting boards and knives, olive oil and a select few herbs/spices

    Wifi Names and Passwords:
    * Kalorama – Name: Welcome Home! Password: WelcomeToStaunton!
    * The Nest – Name: 627GypsyB Password: WelcomeHome!
    * Haven – Name: 629Gypsy Password: WelcomeHome!
    * Overlook – Name: GospelHill Password: Gospel215
    * Pop Inn –
    * Pool House – Name: HebertHome Password: password

    Netflix/Hulu Name and Password:

    Security Deposits:
    A hold will go on the guest’s card for $300 at check in. This money will be released 24hrs after their stay is over and we are sure there have been no significant damages at the property that require us to charge the guest damage or loss fees.

    We use an integration called PriceLabs to determine pricing for the suites. The lowest rate for all of the one bedroom suites (Kalorama) is $89 per night, for all of the two bedrooms (Gypsy and Overlook) starting at $99 per night, and the Pool House starting at $200 per night.  These base prices will automatically go up on weekends and around holidays when the suites are in higher demand, as determined by the algorithm in PriceLabs. Sometimes a guest will be confused why the price is higher on some nights than others. You can explain how our pricing system works – that the prices will fluctuate based on season and demand. If the guest is asking for a lower price based on another day they see on the schedule, let them know you will check with the owner to see what we can do, and reach out to Tori. (Typically, we charge half of the overall payment at booking and half at check in. Our prices are automatically calculated based on an algorithm that reads the market and demand, and weekend nights are typically a bit more pricey than weekdays. This adjusted the taxes as well)

    A Cleaning Fee is always added to the total.
    * Kalorama – $50 per unit
    * Gypsy and Overlook – $60 per unit
    * Pool House – $90

    An Extra Guest Fee of $15 per guest may be added if over a certain amount of guests will be staying at the property.

    * Kalorama – more than 3 guests
    * Gypsy and Pool House – more than 6 guests

    Last minute stays:
    All of the suites are set at a 2 night minimum for weekends, if the guest is trying to book before the day of the stay. If the guest books a last minute stay, they will be able to book for just one night. If a guest asks if they can stay for just 1 night more than 2 days in advance, let them know that, unfortunately, we cannot accept a 1 night stay on weekends that far in advance, but they are welcome to check back as the date gets closer to see if the suite is still available. If a guest requests a 1 night stay within 2 days of the stay, we can accept it, but they will not be able to select 1 night to reserve it themselves. We will need to create a manual reservation for them through the website.
    The Pool House is not available for last minute stays. Guests need to book the Pool House at least 1 day in advance.


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