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How To Create SOPs

How to create SOPs for your team

Creating SOPs For Your Team

  1. Use Google Docs to write out your SOPs step-by-step
    1. Imagine you’re teaching someone how to do a task for the first time, and you want to show them exactly what to do and how to do it only one time for them to always do the task correctly later on.
    2. Make sure to explain why the task is important to the operation as you go along – if someone doesn’t understand WHY something is important, they’re more likely to treat it as unimportant.
    3. Go through the task as slowly as you need to write each step at a time. This isn’t just going to function as a step-by step guide for someone to follow, it’s also going to act as your script to make sure you can record each step accurately in just one or two tries!
  2. Use your Google Docs step-by-step guide as a script to record a video showing how to perform the task
    1. Pull your script up or print it out, and start using it as a script to make sure you show your trainee (or anyone at the company) how to do the task right.
    2. Don’t worry if you slip up or use a lot of fillers (umm, like, etc). You don’t need to be a “professional actor/actress”, you just need to convey the information and show them how to accomplish the task correctly!
  3. Once you have both a step-by-step guide and a video, you’re ready to publish your SOPs to the Knowledge Base! Check out the other Knowledge Base SOPs to see exactly how to use your new step-by-step guide and video with the Knowledge Base.
  4. PRO TIP… If a task is particularly long or has a lot of steps, you might want to break it up into multiple guides/videos!
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