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Reviews on Vrbo

Accessing, requesting, and writing reviews in Vrbo

How to create, check, and request reviews on Vrbo


  • The process for reviews on Vrbo is a lot simpler than Airbnb! Once you’ve logged into the Vrbo account, select ‘Property’ on the left side of the screen, then select ‘Reviews.’
  • Airbnb prompts guests to leave reviews automatically, but on Vrbo we have to manually request reviews. First, select ‘Rate Traveler’ and go through and rate their performance in each of the provided categories. 
    • As before when writing reviews on Airbnb, you can reference the cleaning notes on Turno and messages on Guesty to leave an accurate review. You can find information on how to navigate these platforms in other articles here.
    • NOTE: Unless the guest was overly aggressive, rude, or broke/damaged property, normally err on the side of leaving them a good review. We definitely don’t want to upset a guest and possibly deter them from staying with us again in the future because they don’t like what we said about them. A negative review should be reserved for especially troublesome guests who we wish to warn other hosts about.
    • After you finish selecting 1-5 stars for each category, hit ‘Save’ to submit the review.
  • Now, select ‘Request Review’ and an automated message will be generated for you to send. You can edit this message, making it more specific and personal to each individual guest, just as we did when writing reviews on Airbnb. It’s important to make guests feel seen and that their experience matters to us!
  • The last thing you’ll do in this tab is look at reviews that guests have left. If you see a review that has less than five stars with any suggestions or any other kind of negative feedback, you need to log it in the Negative Feedback Solutions sheet, so we can stay on top of fixing any problems at the properties and continue to create a better experience for future guests.
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