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Writing Reviews on Airbnb

Writing guest reviews on Airbnb

How to write a review on Airbnb


  • Once you’re logged into the Airbnb account, make sure you’re in the hosting dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see what guests are checking out, currently staying, arriving soon, upcoming, and pending review. Select the ‘pending review’ option and you’ll see all of the guest’s who have checked out recently and need to be reviewed directly below.
  • To start a review, you’ll need to select one of the guests, and hit ‘Start Review’ on the screen that pops up. Now you should see the first prompt asking how clean the guest left the suite. And you will go through these rating the guest from 1-5 stars based on their “performance” during their stay. 
    • You will reference any notes left by the cleaner on Turno and the communications with the guest on Guesty in order to make a proper evaluation of the guest. You can find information on how to navigate these platforms located in other articles.
  • After you get through the first section, there will be a text box, and you will be asked to leave a short message that the guest and other hosts will be able to see. Here, type up a short, honest evaluation of the guest stating why we would or would not recommend hosting them. 
    • Example of a positive post: “[guest’s name] was a wonderful guest! They were very respectful of us and our property. We appreciated their kind and helpful messages, and we’d be happy to host them again anytime.” 
    • Example of a negative post: “[guest’s name] did not follow all of our house rules and left the space very messy. We would not recommend letting them stay at your property.”
    • NOTE: Unless the guest was overly aggressive, rude, or broke/damaged property, normally err on the side of leaving them a good review. We definitely don’t want to upset a guest and possibly deter them from staying with us again in the future because they don’t like what we said about them. A negative review should be reserved for especially troublesome guests who we wish to warn other hosts about.
  • Next, there will be another text box, and you will be asked to leave a private message that only the guest can see. This is a good place to thank the guest, once again, for staying with us. 
    • Here is where I might reference a message they left on Guesty (maybe they told us why they were visiting town). For example, “I hope you enjoyed visiting the Shakespeare Center with your friends!” Add a personal touch to let the guest know that we see them and their experience matters to us. 
    • Finish the message by letting the guest know we’d love to host them again and we hope they’ll consider staying with us in the future. 
    • If this is a guest who we do not wish to have stay with us again, type up something short and respectful explaining why we left them a less-than-great review. For example, “We felt we couldn’t give you a five star review, due to…”
  • Once you’ve completed this last step, you’ll finish up by submitting the review. If there are more guests left to review, select ‘Host’ in the top right corner, then ‘return to hosting dashboard’ in the dropdown column beneath it. Now you’re back where we started and can begin your next review!
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